Welcome says the Bayerischer Kartoffel- und Zwiebel- Kontor GmbH.

Service providers and partners in matters of potatoes and onions, agricultural products, from the collection, marketing to strategic conceptions.

About us

Founded 2001 we are trading with the main products potatoes and onions for import and export.

Moreover we are trading with other agricultural products.

In cooperation with the enterprise of Igl Helmut Handelsvertretung, we build up roughs and strategies in the sector for distribution, sale, production and more.

Our target: to be for you an efficient and competent partner by all the importances of potatoes and onions


The central business from Bayerischer Kartoffel- und Zwiebel- Kontor (B K Z K) contents the stock-taking, sorting and sale of potatoes and onions for the fresh market, further the trading with agricultural goods (carrots)

Doing this import- und export- business over many years we have got the experience and the connections to many national and international costumers and sellers.

So we are able to serve our clients good offers and prices.

Our packing station in Wallersdorf-Haidlfing is grounded in the area of “ niederbayerischer Gäuboden “, it means one of the best areas to produce potatoes and onions in best quality even in the future.

Placed near to the harbour of the cities Deggendorf, Straubing and Regensburg, we have the possibility to arrange deliveries by ship.

The central – competence is to sale and to distribute potatoes and onions to the middle- east – and south- European countries.

In further activities we are engaged to build up roughs and strategies to improve the market position of our selling-products and the business position our clients.


Am Schindlfeld 19

 93173 Grünthal

Bavaria, Germany


Mittlere Bachstraße 42

94522 Wallersdorf-Haidlfing

Bavaria, Germany